Thank you for all of your support. We're excited to share our first new music in over a year. It's a cover of 'Missing' from Everything but the Girl. We're dedicating it to all the hopeless romantics out there. To anyone who knows what it’s like to yearn for someone you may have lost and never get back. Stay strong!


The name Gallows, stems from the term "Gallows Humor" which is humor about painful circumstances. We felt the term Gallows Humor really encompassed our sound since our music has been described as happy sad music; music that brings you up when you're feeling down. Heartbreak can be painful and our hope through our album Gallows is it will help you see the humor when you're going through the volatility of love. We came together to create Gallows as our last letters to the loves we thought we couldn't live without. Gallows is a DRAMAtic soundtrack for anyone and everyone who has ever felt like the only way to get through pain is to crack a joke, see the humor and keep it moving. We hope you love listening to the album as much as we loved making it.


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